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Dryopteris cristata ~ crested shield fern



  • OBL

  • Michigan C Value: 6

  • also known as crested wood fern

  • fronds relatively narrow

  • leathery leaves

  • twice divided

  • widely–spaced, tilted leaflets (like louvered blinds)

  • spore dots (sori) on the underside of pinnae

  • sori are round and are usually lined up in two rows

  • sori midway between midvein and leaf edge

  • fronds dimorphic

  • fertile fronds with deciduous pinnae and can be relatively large

  • fertile fronds often have highly–louvered pinnae

  • sterile fronds smaller, forming persistent, evergreen rosette

  • often in bogs, but common in many botanical community types

  • native

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