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Agrostis gigantea ~ redtop



  • FACW

  • Michigan C Value: 0

  • this grass is rhizomatous but not stoloniferous

  • culms erect and nearly straight

  • larger blades mostly 3mm to 7mm wide

  • spikelets are typically a bit purplish or redish when fresh

  • middle panicle branches angled 30 to 45 degrees from panicle axis

  • each culm is slender, glabrous, and round in cross section

  • the sheath of each leaf is open and hairless; tendency to split open into a deep V shape, sometimes to the node

  • node at the base of each sheath is reddish purplish and hairless

  • typically reddish inflorescence

  • this is a common grass in many habitats

  • native and non–native types

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