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Calamagrostis canadensis ~ bluejoint grass



  • OBL

  • Michigan C Value: 3

  • common name is blue–joint grass

  • extremely long, narrow leaves with long , narrow tips

  • leaves often point upward

  • rough edge of leaves

  • tiny, 1–flowered spikelets

  • leaves roll up forming narrow pointed end

  • tuft of little white hairs on bottom of lemma

  • short translucent ligule (3mm)

  • sheaths can be either glabrous or pubescent

  • lemma has very thin texture

  • panicle mostly open and loosely ascending to spreading when mature

  • marshes, shores, wet prairies, bogs, swales, along streams

  • can be a dominant grass of marshes and fens

  • highly variable charachteristics

  • native

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