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Doellingeria umbellata ~ Aster umbellatus ~ flat topped aster



  • FACW

  • Michigan C Value: 5

  • also known as Aster umbellatus and "flat topped white aster"

  • umbelled/flat–topped aster

  • large white flower heads, yellow disks

  • rays irregular (gapped–toothed)

  • few rays per head

  • "gap–toothed", non–uniformly spaced, sparse rays

  • leaves are predominately reticulate–veined, especially on underside

  • stout stems and thick, toothless leaves

  • no leaf stalk

  • stem is somewhat hairy

  • leaf veinsdo not go to edge of leaf, they turn and go up to top, forming a point

  • rhizomes are colony–forming

  • swamp forests, fens, bogs, wet meadows, and wet prairies

  • fairly tolerant of dry soils, especially in North

  • wetter in Southern Michigan

  • native

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