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Symphyotrichum lateriflorum ~ calico aster



  • FAC

  • Michigan C Value: 2

  • also known as Aster lateriflorus and "side flowering aster"

  • midrib is typically rough–hairy

  • underside of leaf blade hairless (except for very tiny hairs on underside of midrib)

  • lateral branches densely flowered, spirally arranged

  • rosy purple disk corollas (turns from yellow to rosy one day after flowering)

  • slender stems vary from glabrous to pubescent

  • stems often branched or sprawl from the lower nodes

  • branches almost at 90 degree angle from main stem (shape similar to goldenrod)

  • main stem often arching – central axis not upright

  • no elongated rhizomes (single perennial base, not spreading)

  • forms clumps from basal rosettes

  • tolerates sun and shade

  • variable habitats; common fields and meadows

  • native

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