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Solidago houghtonii ~ Houghtons goldenrod



  • OBL

  • Michigan C Value: 10

  • Listed as Threatened in Michigan

  • Threatened Federally

  • also known as Oligoneuron houghtonii

  • moist interdunal wetlands, beaches, nearby fens, limestone crevices and alvars

  • a calciphile, restricted to Straights Region of Great Lakes

  • like a small S. ohioensis, but with larger and fewer heads

  • flower heads +/– flat–topped

  • mid and upper leaves long, linear

  • flower rays 3–4.5+mm long

  • involucre 5–7mm long

  • flower pedicels scabrous–hirtellous

  • reaches peak flowering later than S. Ohioensis

  • native

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